Illustator – Animation

Monica Wilde-Napiers vs2


Working closely with Twist 360 a Nottingham based digital marketing agency, I created all the illustrations for an online animation marketing campaign.

A departure from my normal line of illustration work, this honed my vector skills, working mainly in Adobe illustrator. The brief was firstly to create a caricature of Monica Wilde, the MD of Napier’s. Once approved, the original pencil roughs would be worked up in Photoshop – an array of arm/hand gestures together with different mouth positions would allow the animator the freedom to create a simple but effective working figure that moved in sync with the narration.

The next step was to generate the illustrations for the product that was being promoted, Lowerol, which lowers cholesterol levels. The visual analogy was to use a city scene (the body) with a river running through it (the blood vessels) to show the workings of this natural product on a micro scale within the vessels. Sailing boats, ships of varying size/design and a submarine all represented elements within the vessels and these were animated, showing the potential benefits of using Lowerol.

Online videos are a great way to market products, reach wider audiences and increase search rankings so having the knowledge and skill to work within this media is very useful and the potential for future work is only going to increase.

Check out the finished animations: